Sam Cress

Puerto Vallarta JAL

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Sam was introduced to yoga in 1981 while growing up in a small town on the Canadian Prairies. Over the years she has realized that yoga is more than the practice of asana and has witnessed the power, magic and benefits of a consistent practice both on and off the mat. Sam has had the honor and privilege to have studied with many amazing teachers in various parts of the world and is extremely grateful to teachers Anna Laurita, Father Joe Pereira, Ryan Leier, and Maria Abad. Sam is living her dream sharing her passion for yoga in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.

Sam believes that through yoga we have the opportunity to open our hearts and recognize that the essence of our being is love. With practice we are able to love more, embrace each day, live in the moment, create joy and welcome every experience. Yoga! A beautiful way to help us create a world filled with loving kindness, compassion and love.


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