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The beginning of my yoga journey
My yoga journey started in 1994 at the age of 17, but I'm always curious how people discovered yoga. What about it made them fall in love? How did it all go down? What is the story of their yoga journey? Then, there came a time when I needed it I can't remember exactly what it was that prompted me to enroll in a series of yoga classes but somehow I ended up sitting on met in a yoga hall with people . Great master BR. rudradev gowda in yoga study center. Rishikesh, Uttaranchal, India was everything you imagine a yoga teacher should be. I am not sure exactly what style he taught, back then I didn't even think to ask, yoga was .yoga right? Either way I was hooked. I don't know what it was exactly but yoga gave me something I couldn't find anywhere else. Later on I know the training itself was Iyengar based and covered all the aspects of pranayama (breathing), asana (postures) and meditation. Physically it was hard but it was the mental and emotional stuff that almost made me give up

I took a short break after a short while I had this overwhelming sense that something was missing and I was compelled to seek out another class. Once again I ended up in a yoga hall and with him. During that time he installed a lot of knowledge in me that I would come to understand as the years went by. . that time don’t know where my next step is on my yoga journey, but that training was certainly instilled in me a sense of faith that if I continue my work and develop my practice the correct path will be laid out before me.

Soon I realized that Yoga is my ticket to wellness after many months of dealing with my health and it helped me to a lot. I've grown to love going to my yoga classes. Instead of resisting, I am more open to change. Yoga has shown me how to slow down and find greater balance. I have developed a sense of gratitude for all that I can do. I am improving each day. An inspiring quote touches my heart. A fellow yogi strikes up a conversation. And bring yogic philosophy into my overall lifestyle. "In this world no one can give you health, happiness and wisdom, you have to achieve it. Yoga, like life, is a never-ending journey. There is always more to explore and more to learn Yoga and mindfulness meditation helped me heal through stages of grief "Yoga is experienced in that mind which has ceased to identify itself with its vacillating waves of perception. When this happens, then the Seer is revealed resting in its own essential nature, and one realizes the true Self." Before Every day I’m tried to incorporate everything I have learnt from every one of my teachers whenever I jumped on the mat. The voice I hear and the guidance I receive changes each day. I have been blessed with so much knowledge that it is hard blend it all together, a harmony of voices from a bunch of inspiring human beings. If there is one thing I have learnt from all of my teachers (both directly and indirectly) it is that it is essential to listen to my own body, to myself.

During my yoga journey I completed 3 year (DYNS) diploma in naturopathy and yoga science and after study for master degree in yoga. Since

Almost 20 years later, yoga has become such a part of me I can’t separate the two. I received my certification and taught for several years, loving the feeling of opening the door for others to my yoga magical place sun moon yoga center zhongshan, china. Now, I do it for myself. Yoga class and meditation are always there to bring me back to myself, back to my center, aligned with my higher self and my personal Divine who is very different than the God of my childhood. I am so grateful for the grace yoga brings to my life.

I began teaching more classes than ever before. It still doesn't feel like "work" - I absolutely love it.


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