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Sam Weinstein has been teaching yoga for over 40+ great years. He attended his first class in the 60’s with a bunch of crazy hippies on a road trip to Wyoming where they did Kundalini yoga in fields along the way. He was 11. As a child Sam did yoga sitting by his mom’s side as she watched the famous yoga show “Lilias Yoga and You”. This led Sam to his destiny to become a teacher of yoga.

Sam’s first mentor was the yoga master Pujari from California. Pujari started Sam on his path with yoga, meditation, therapy, spirituality, gurus, consciousness, and adventure. Sam started teaching yoga after completing Pujari’s teacher training in the mid 70's. From the mid 70's to 1981 Sam studied yoga and meditation in India. Studying mostly with BKS Iyengar in Poona India, where he was encouraged to teach in the Iyengar style .His Study with Guruji Iyengar shaped Sam’s way of teaching yoga with intelligence and precision. Sam loved learning all he could about yoga participating in trainings from the Bahamas, Canada, California, Mysore, Poona, Rishikesh , Chennai . Master Yoga Teachers where he has studied include Jerry Woods ,Roger Cole, Shandor Remote,Tim Miller, Patobi Joyce. Sam has had schools in San Diego Calif., Portland Oregon , and now Perth Western Australia. He is proud of all the teachers he has trained over the years . His teachers have successful schools and classes all over Perth and the South west of WA ,Sydney ,Brisbane, Innsbruck Austria, Mexico. The original school still run by Sam and Sydel is theTransformational Yoga Institute The Home of Yoga Mosman Park at 610 Stirling Hwy. Sam now leads his own retreats to the Australian bush and magical Bali.

Sam is very much a family man and his parents raised him using a method now called “Attachment Parenting”. Sam and his wife Sydel have raised their own children using this style and besides The Home of Yoga and there other work host a charity “THE FAMILY NURTURING CENTRE” that supports pregnancy and new families with non-violent options to parent children and give babies the most peaceful option of coming into the world. Sam is childbirth and parenting educator and Sydel is a lactation Counsellor. They are both trained Pregnancy yoga instructors. Sydel also teachers mindful birthing and parenting.

The biggest influence on Sam’s life was his mother family of origin was Russian Jewish Holocaust survivors they were more Gypsy-like than Russian and his mother a well-known Psychic. She taught him that no matter how horrendous life seems to be, the cup is always half full not half empty. His mother a holocaust survivor who beyond all her hardships lived a life of unconditional love and acceptance. She was an eccentric woman and a well known medium(and other strange amazing things) who was keen to share her gifts with her children. Whilst this might have given Sam a certain flair, what is really important to him is the love and acceptance passed on from his mother.

His mother Louise always said she passed her special talents on to him,but Sam resisted them as he did not want to be weird like his parents. In fact he first went into therapy like many of us due to feelings associated with his weird one day he went thru a traumatic life changing event that nearly cost him his life.

The traumatic event was In 1985. Sometimes a person innocently stumbles upon a situation that lands them in a dangerous situation. The people involved in this situation were very dangerous people and attempted to solve his innocent witnessing of what they were doing by making sure he would never be able to testify against them or report them by drugging him. He surveyed this but as a result of the after effects of the drug Sam suffered a serious accident that changed his life. A railway sleeper fell five meters from a truck onto his head resulting in a brain injury, breaking his shoulder, and a broken crushed foot and ankle. Sam gained much as a result of his accident, on the good side an amazing near death experience and on the bad, the possible loss of his foot. Using yoga, healing and the support of his friends and wife Sydel, Sam rehabilitated his foot and injuries. It took two years to walk unaided again and learn how to speak and deal with the residual pains in his body which included severe head aches . Pre-Accident Sam had a photographic memory with a twist. He has always remembered his whole life right back to moments after he was born and right thru childhood until present day. Today post-accident he still has this gift but reduced by about 5% . The gifts from his mom include many unusual phenomena . Sam chooses to treat these gifts non-seriously with a philosophy of "It is what it is". He uses them for the greater good and does something he calls Life Guidance Counselling. He seasons all his gifts with great empathy and sensibility . Still today Sam is working with his injuries and the jolt it gave his metabolism. His journey has brought him great empathy and an understanding that the path to healing can be long and complex.

Sam has a Masters Degree in sports addition to this Sam has multiple University Degrees among them an Education and Sports Degree , he holds minor degrees in Family&Marriage Counselling, Literature/Drama,Spanish,American History & World History. He originally studied in University human biology,zoology,entomology and botany. In India he studied Meditation and Spirituality at a Indian University. He has attended Esalon in Big Sur Ca. And The Living Love Centre in San Francisco as well as the Transactional Analysis institute in La Jolla. Sam is a trained Rebirther, Guidance Counsellor, Life Coach and has trained in various Body Works from Deep Tissue Realignment Therapy, Level one accreditation in many different types of massage, Water massage and Breathing Therapy. Sam first experienced Breath Work with Ed Keays and then later at workshops led by Leonard Orr.

As a teenager Sam was an avid sportsman, he showed horses in state competitions, trained in top level US competition swimming and even had a go at spring board diving. During his life he has coached many sports from soccer to surfing. His heart is the Ocean Mother and surfing his temple.

His youth was blessed (his words) by accidentally being at the right place at the right time at a very early age. His Parents each year sent him away for the summer to spend his summer vacations (early pre-teens 9-14) in San Francisco where his sister attended Berkley University. Little did they know she had dropped out and moved to the famous Haight Asbury 1966-72. In this colourful collage of Hippies and Artist he met Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters and heard Allan Ginsberg and Baba Ram Dass speak. He was one of the young kids you see on documentaries of this period running around and playing and came out of this period knowing he must go to India and study yoga and meditation. In India he joined a famous spiritual commune and eventually took care of his Guru's mother Mataji and later moved from India to a famous commune in Oregon. This was a deep time of learning and expansion and also where Sam had his traumatic event that jumped him back into The World . His mother had a saying from great trauma comes great wisdom . Sam hopes that at least a tiny bit of this wisdom stuck to his soul from this experience in Spiritual Living .

Sam has total faith in all his students, their goodness and their beauty. It is with this faith that he encourages each student to discover themselves and allow transformation.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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