I began the yogic way of life through bodywork. I was ill and used various methods of bodywork to recover. I was too fragile for asana practise at that stage, however, after a period of time studying vedanta and reading books about yoga I began to practise traditional Hatha asana and then went on to do a Sivananda TTC in 2009. I have trained in AyurBalance, AyurYogic and Esalen®️or Californiano Bodywork and have also done a TulaYoga workshop in bodywork. I am a certified master life coach through the Life Class, School of Jacqueline Hurst, master life coach in London. I give therapeutic mentoring to people in recovery by Skype and focus mostly on helping women with addiction issues through mind and body and spirit through bodywork and coaching.
Samacitta Wellness & Yoga Retreats are holistic retreats hosted by Samacitta at various venues in Italy and worldwide. We invite yoga teachers to share their practice for a week and Katrina gives bodywork and/or coaching as required. Other healing arts modalities are also included depending upon facilities, location and venue amenities and weather. Our aim is to provide venues that are tranquil havens so that there really is time to have proper ‘time-out’ and get to the root of what is preventing you from living from your true self and enhancing what is already there, innate within you.

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Notes: For private bodywork or coaching sessions please book via wwwsamacittacom - thank you


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