Samantha Burton

Alton, IL
United States

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Most importantly I am a mother to two amazing kids and two adorable cats, a daughter and a love and crave the outdoors and anything active in nature. I enjoy painting and museums and have a love for culture. I was born by the ocean in Florida but moved to the midwest early on. Before I began my practice my life was in disarray, my father had recently passed and my health and habits were poor. Finding yoga was like coming home to a place that was familiar yet new and exciting, if that makes any sense. I still everyday am inspired and challenged in my practice and my teachings. My students have been my best teachers and I can't wait to learn more from this great union of life! I teach everything from seniors chair yoga to outdoor classes in nature. I love a variety of teaching locations to reach those who would not normally practice yoga in a studio or gym. I want to share yoga with as many as possible while I have the ability.


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