Samantha Moore

Kilsyth VIC

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Hello and thankyou so much for connecting with me - I am glad that our paths have already crossed!

I am very passionate about the on-going and life-enhancing process of transformation that yoga brings and am energised in my practice in connecting with my students and teaching with authenticity - inspiring my students to connect with their own practice and to consider how they live their lives on and off the yoga mat. I like to provide space for those that come to practice, to be themselves, find their own individual experience in yoga and work to their own capability knowing that there is no expectation other than safety.

I have been teaching at ENRG fitness for a year now and am aspiring to introduce yoga to my workplace wellbeing program. My 8am Saturday morning hot vinyasa classes at ENRG vary each week and focus on alignment and union of mind, body and breath, with an emphasis on safety.

I consider that I will forever be the student and hope to continue deepening my experience throughout the years and share that with others along the way.

Off the mat, I just LOVE the outdoors, fresh air and mother nature in all of her forms. I am also very fond of good nourishing food and time with my partner Darren and my family. I am forever finding ways to bring yoga into my life and am ever grateful for it.


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