Samantha Towers

United Kingdom

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I love teaching yoga and learn so much from others. Perhaps one of my biggest stumbles in life is that of my connection and relationship to others.

That said, I have no doubt in my teaching ability and feel many benefits from my deep insight that I have gained through accepting my limitations.

I am pulled strongly by my deep rooted desire to go in the direction of a fundamental more profound connection with others including, in the same way, the trees, valleys, the strong pull of the moon, the overwhelming sun, opinions, thoughts, sounds, my poor ego victim vs villain self and

For me my asana yoga practice is all about being ok where I am and raising my vibration – of course much changes every day and this is very likely not to be my statement of tomorrow but I’m not to bothered about my statement tomorrow.

Experiencing my inner journey first through sound and now also feeling I have made a deep connection with the earth perhaps because of my opposing nature of fire. The earth is so generous with its inviting pull of force, to me it means pure resounding love. This generosity is not always easy to accept so this is something I practice. Feeling that I am deeply accepted, thanking the earth for its teaching and that it is always there waiting.

Each morning outdoors in the Scottish Borders I do my own practice of spinal breathing pranayama, asana and mediation.

I usually find myself in a deep valley that shelters me from the sometimes harsh winds. Occasionally in a wood and this is a great place to practice if the ground is wet and other times I practice overlooking the valley.

I love practising in the valley because of the feeling that the earth emanates, it transforms and calms my often fiery nature. I find the earth deeply understanding and I look to the earth for comfort and guidance to move more deeply and find a sense of inner balance.

I feel truly blessed in my lifestyle and my connection I have with those close to me. So lucky to practice in the beautiful places that I do, my beloved dog Aston is so dear to me, he sits higher up the valley awaiting rabbits to chase down (he has never caught a rabbit).

Practising yoga outdoors with nature gives me direction as to how I should channel my energies into helping others find their inner silence and freedom in the direction of joy.

Learning how to bring light into where I stumble, flowing into deeper and more profound relationships with others. Seemingly more and more of this journey is discovering the essence of my pathway to health, happiness and eternal peace.