Samara Zelniker

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SAMARA ZELNIKER is trained in Vinyasa flow, Pre and Postnatal and Kid's Yoga. Samara leads worldwide yoga retreats and teacher training. She will transform you both physically and mentally and bring you to your full potential both on and off the mat. She is also available for private and corporate yoga classes.


Average: 3.7 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Fun Yoga Classes with Space for Movement

I started classes with Samara following trying a number of different Yoga classes and styles elsewhere. I loved this class due to the space between each mat and Samara not overly cramping classes by taking pre-reservations. I also loved the speed of Vinyasa Power Flow and the fluidity between movements. This is a faster style of Yoga and this really suited me and how I like to exercise. Samara also offered slower movement classes by candle light which I attended and enjoyed for a more relaxed paced class. The music for classes was really well chosen and always suited the pace of each class. Samara has a really positive energy and I would attend her classes again if we end up in the same city. Good luck with your next adventure Samara.

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This individual moved (followed her boyfriend) to Budapest, Hungary. She was offering yoga classes in English and, being friends with her boyfriend and wanting to be supportive, I signed up and paid for 10 classes in advance. The classes themselves were mediocre, more Pilates then yoga, and she would rush through each position as if she was trying to finish the class as soon as possible. Anyway, Samara's relationship ended, and she left Budapest... With my deposit. I contacted her asking for it back and the response was essentially "too bad". Amazing customer service right? I would not recommend her classes to anyone.

Samara ZelnikerJuly 26, 2016
Love not Hate

Hi Golnar,

I am sorry that you had bad experience in my class. You are absolutely entitled to that. I would like to clear a couple of things up. It was stated in the waiver that you signed that the studio existed as a pop-up studio closing June 1st and that all passes that were purchased were non-refundable. I was and will continue to be completely up front with all payment information.


The class description available to you online is described as a 'power yoga class' and openly states the class is fast-paced and high energy with lots of movement, for the duration of an hour - I like to deliver a consistent product and manage expectations as well respect people's time and start and finish classes on time.

I also personally reached out to you several times throughout the eight months for the opportunity to use your classpass and be a part of our growing community, which I would have love to have you participate in.

Wishing you the best of luck.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Amazing GTA Teacher

I love Samara's classes! I have been to a couple of her karma classes at PYC. They are the perfect blend of challenge, fun, and self-exploration. She gives great hands-on assists and plays awesome music!