Samten Dorje

Jeffreys Bay
Eastern Cape
United Kingdom

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Justin Van Uytrecht (Sati Yogi) is originally from Johannesburg South Africa. He has spent most of his adult life in India and Nepal studying Buddhism and yoga philosophy and asana in depth, and also trained as a Ch'an (Zen) monk for 2 years at Nan Hua temple.

In between the years in Asia he worked as an IT administrator in Johannesburg and in London in highly stressful jobs.
It was during these years in the IT industry that he discovered that many people suffer from stress and posture related illnesses from the long hours sitting behind desks without regular movement or breaks. He also noticed that many people suffered from lack of attention, anxiety, trouble with sustained concentration and problems relaxing and switching off when not at work. From his yoga and meditation training he recognised how these skills could be introduced to minimise the effects of modern workplace habits of high stress, poor posture and continual divided attention.

Justin currently teaches yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation with the aim of bringing the practitioners' body, mind and emotions back into a state of healthy balance. He has also found that yoga is useful for surfers, athletes, and anyone needing more flexibility in body and mind.
His relaxed, peaceful disposition and calm presence makes him a firm favorite of students, regardless of gender or fitness level. Students are encouraged to make this practice their own and to bring awareness of oneself back into their daily experience in order to live life more fully and with more ease.


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