Sandra Albers

Montreal, QC


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Hi! I am an independant teacher who is not affiliated with a studio, although I rent space for classes occasionally. I teach Hatha yoga and Broga yoga mainly. I love beginners and anyone who is intimidated to go into a traditional yoga class, coming back from injuries, weight issues (been there in a big way!) or want to get or stay fit. I truly believe in making yoga accessible to everyone without all the sheeshy language. I have been teaching Broga Yoga at an all boys school for the past two years. I teach yoga to elementary, middle and senior boys. Among my private clients are personal trainers and College level football and hockey coaches. My playlists frequent include hiphop music-I believe that music is just another tool that can help us getback into our bodies and the mind follows! If you have any questions or need additional information, feel free to email me at bluebuddhayoga8


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