Sandra Gilmour

Adelaide SA

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I have been blessed with having experienced the teachings and traIning of (the late) Iris Clutterham (founder of SAYTA Inc) and Margo Hutchison. My yoga teaching has been greatly enhanced by attending classes and workshops (for many years) and continual learning under their guidance.
My favourite quote:
May the divine protect us while we are together.
May the obstacles be removed which stand in the way of our understanding the truth that all is One and that there is no division or separation between us.
May we grasp this understanding with comprehension and without doubt so that all misunderstanding is dissolved within us.
May we not cherish hatred, anger or displeasure.
May perfect friendship reign between us.
May the space around us be free of fear.
May the East and the West, North and South be free of fear.
May the past and future be free of fear.
May we have no foes.
May we all be friends.
May our hearts be full of love.
May the human race unite in one fearless friendship.
I apologies for not remembering the author (I have had this for many years).


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