Sandra Knecht

Huntsville, AL
United States

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Hello all! My name is Sandra Knecht. I'm 22 years young and quite the free spirit! I am currently a student at the University of Alabama in Huntsville studying psychobiology, with a focus in health and physical science. I am very knowledgable about nutrition and healthy eating habits. I am also a big advocate for the use of high quality essential oils to enhance the quality of my life, as well as others. I am a doTERRA wellness advocate, and am able to provide guidance for which oils are most appropriate for different situations. I am also certified to perform an aromatherapy massage technique utilizing 8 different doTERRA essential oils or oil blends to promote healing, calm, and the release of tension in the body. I am a nature enthusiast, always down for outdoor activities. Especially those that include my two best K9 babies! ~~and thats all folks


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