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I have been practicing Yoga for approximately fifteen years.
However, in recent years I have found the medicinal benefits of Yoga outstanding.
So, off I went to the Himalayas to study Hatha Yoga & Meditation.
This was a life altering experience.
I left my clean bed & hot shower & found myself in a whole different world! Bathing in cold water with less than perfect bathroom facilities & yet I loved it!
I worked to a 16 hour a day schedule. Meditating at 6am. Practicing Ásanas for 2 hours twice a day, six days a week, whilst also trying to understand the Philosophy of Yoga & Meditation.
It was tough going but worth every moment.
I never thought I’d be fortunate enough to visit India twice in a life time never mind twice in one year, but, I was.
That same year I visited South Goa for Tantra Yoga Teacher Training.
And there, I realized I found my ‘true' calling.
Tantra Yoga, combined with my Hatha Yoga training & everything else I have studied over the years has given me the tools to help people help themselves.
Tantra Kaula Yoga is like nothing else I have even experienced. I never expected it to be so amazing & life changing.
I didn’t know what to expect when I went to study at Shri Kali Ashram and what I came away with by far exceeded any expectations I could ever have had!
I thank my wonderful Teachers at Shri Ricky, Julian, Jeanna, Ian, Tomoko, Alex and of course the amazing Ācārya Bhagavan Shanmukha Anantha Natha & Ma Kristina.
Now, four years on I have endless testimonials from students telling me how their lives have transformed…From sleeping soundly to coming off Medications & so much more in between.
I give thanks every day for everything that Tantra Kaula Yoga has taught & continues to teach me.
I teach regular Yoga classes to Adults in open classes, Teenagers & Primary School Children in Schools, School Teachers & Parents in their Children's Schools, Senior Citizens in their Community Groups,Private classes & small groups at our Clinic here in Dublin.
I hold regular workshops teaching how to use food as Medicine & I also work as an Alternative Physical Therapist/Healer in our busy practice in Dublin.
Please contact me for more information.



Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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