Sandra Smith

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I have been practicing Yoga for approximately fifteen years.
However, in recent years I have found the medicinal benefits of Yoga outstanding.
So, off I went to the Himalayas to study Hatha Yoga & Meditation.
This was a life altering experience.
I left my clean bed & hot shower & found myself in a whole different world! Bathing in cold water with less than perfect bathroom facilities & yet I loved it!
I worked to a 16 hour a day schedule. Meditating at 6am. Practicing Ásanas for 2 hours twice a day, six days a week, whilst also trying to understand the Philosophy of Yoga & Meditation.
It was tough going but worth every moment.
I never thought I’d be fortunate enough to visit India twice in a life time never mind twice in one year, but, I was.
That same year I visited South Goa for Tantra Yoga Teacher Training.
And there, I realized I found my ‘true' calling.
Tantra Yoga, combined with my Hatha Yoga training & everything else I have studied over the years has given me the tools to help people help themselves.
Tantra Kaula Yoga is like nothing else I have even experienced. I never expected it to be so amazing & life changing.
I didn’t know what to expect when I went to study at Shri Kali Ashram and what I came away with by far exceeded any expectations I could ever have had!
I thank my wonderful Teachers at Shri Ricky, Julian, Jeanna, Ian, Tomoko, Alex and of course the amazing Ācārya Bhagavan Shanmukha Anantha Natha & Ma Kristina.
Now, four years on I have endless testimonials from students telling me how their lives have transformed…From sleeping soundly to coming off Medications & so much more in between.
I give thanks every day for everything that Tantra Kaula Yoga has taught & continues to teach me.
I teach regular Yoga classes to Adults in open classes, Teenagers & Primary School Children in Schools, School Teachers & Parents in their Children's Schools, Senior Citizens in their Community Groups,Private classes & small groups at our Clinic here in Dublin.
I hold regular workshops teaching how to use food as Medicine & I also work as an Alternative Physical Therapist/Healer in our busy practice in Dublin.
Please contact me for more information.



Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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Wonderful, relaxing class. I always sleep so well after it.

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Great teacher

I have practiced several styles of yoga in the past and this style of yoga is by far the most beneficial. what I have also come to realise is that the yoga instructor is crucial to your enjoyment of the experience. Sandra is so supportive and gives everybody her full attention. she is so passionate about what she does that it is hard not to be inspired. I would recommend her classes to anyone, any age or level of experience.

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excellent instructor

Sandra is an excellent instructor, very easy to listen to and very focused on helping everyone in her classes from beginners to the more experienced. She explains what each pose is doing to your body and why it's good so it's easy to visualise the body being cleansed. She also encourages good health and nutrition and gives advice to everyone that's interested. I Highly recommend Sandra :-)

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Fantastic teacher!

Sandra is a fantastic yoga teacher. She is calm, competent and understanding of the diversity of each of her clients. She gently encourages everyone to practice at their own pace and by listening to their own bodies. Cannot recommend highly enough!!