Sandy Karsten


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After intensive taken cognizance with many yogastyles, I specialized in Critical Alignment Yoga.

Critical Alignment is to adjus the body so that voltage can fall off and movement arises again from relaxation and lightness.
It is therefore not so much relaxation in tranquility, but mostly about relaxing within activity.
Usually the classes begin with a passive exercise that gives you the time to approach the tension in a particular part of the body from rest.

Because the body often choose to move away from the stiff areas, we also work with a number of tools. This focusses your relaxation and ensures that you reach the places where it is intended.
For example, we work with headstanders, backbenders, straps and shoulderblocks.
Both relaxation, movement and strength will support each other.
The body and the breath are getting more space and will be a source of positive feelings.
At the same time you work on strength to support a new, open body posture.


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