Sangita Ryan

County Tipperary Co Tipperary

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Atmasangita started practicing yoga at the age of 16 (28years ago!) and has completed Satyananda Yoga/Bihar Yoga teacher training in Ireland, Australia and London.

Atmasangita has spent time in Satyananda Yoga centres and ashrams around the world, but mainly Rikhia and Munger ashram in India, living the daily quietly disciplined ashram life under the presence of Swami Satyananda, Swami Niranjan and Swami Satsangi. She regularly travels to the ashrams in India with her family and students to immerse in the blissful and empowering experience of ashram living.

As a teenager she was exposed to Satyananda Yoga so has experienced first hand the profound stabilising and balancing affect that yoga and meditation has on children and family life.

She is also very interested in the physical, emotional and spiritual healing process. As a young child, she spent time in hospital recovering from a road traffic accident which later led to post traumatic stress. Using the yogic healing system of prana vidya and her reiki/seicheim training, she has healed herself and has treated many other people over the years.

Spiritual awakening and developing awareness on all our many levels through the many paths of yoga is her passion for living.

Atmasangita received karma sannyasa diksha from Swamiji Niranjanananda in France 2005 and endeavours to keep true to his teachings through the system of yoga propagated by the Bihar School of Yoga and inspire as many open hearted and open minded students as she can.