Sanjeev Bhanot

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Sanjeev Bhanot established the YOGALIFE Foundation in 1999.

During his 20+ years of training has he trained more than 1000 teachers from 30 countries and lead workshops on three continents. His resume includes work with prestigious organizations such as the United Nations, he trained teachers for Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Center in California and coached Julia Roberts during the making of the blockbuster film Eat, Pray, Love. For nearly a decade Sanjeev has served as the yoga coach to André Borschberg, pilot and CEO of Solar Impulse.

His teachings center on progressive yogic wisdom, passing along the message of peace, health and exploration through dynamic classes, retreats and global training sessions.

Sanjeevs' signature technique Antastha Yoga is practiced blindfolded and designed to meet everyday demands of the 21st century.

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

5 Reviews

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Yoga as mental discipline

Sanjeev is the best teacher I have ever meet

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More than just Asanas

Sanjeev is a teacher who is able to put really philosophy and knowledge of yoga in his class so that you get an coaching within but mit really realizing it is also coaching...supporting you in more was than get in your body. And HE is really there...he is present and there for every Student. Just excellent

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The Pearl of Dungargar

Sanjeev is "my brother from another mother". He taught me everything, he shared me everything about yoga. I am very grateful to work with Yogalife. He is a precious friend beyond words.
In gratitude,

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One of my favourite teachers

Sanjeev has an almost uncanny ability to go straight to the heart of a difficulty, whether physical, emotional or physchological. Combined with his long experience as a yoga teacher, his particular 'Hands on' adjustments and the warmth of his personality, this makes a class, a workshop, a retreat or a Teacher Training with Sanjeev unforgettable!

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Simply magical

Sanjeev is one who those teachers, who scans his students just by looking at them and instantly knows, where they need help. Wether it is a physical issue or psychological, Sanjeev with his indian roots and immense knowledge of modern science and human behavior, connects with is students and guides them to their health and happiness.