Sanjeev Krishnan

United Arab Emirates

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Guruji Sanjeev [GS} is affectionately addressed by his students ,by the love and value added to his knowledge and wisdom and his support in helping them to gain health back,breath back and life back from many imbalances by the simple yet profound knowledge that he inherits from the rich culture and heritage of India and for more than four decades in the spiritual knowledge.
His keen interest from the age of 12 years led him to great masters,Siddha"s [enlightened masters,and yogi's of his time and today he is transcending the divine knowledge to help ,support ,and enlighten to ignite the light of this knowledge and wisdom to the world ,The world is one family,
we are all the children to take up the responsibility by our ability and capability and to enlighten and take away all the darkness and ignorance's and bring light to nourish and flourish our nations by true knowledge and good experiences that has to be matured to wisdom and realize the divinity of this amazing world called our home.
Let us all join hands to make it happen and enjoy health,peace and happiness is his humble goal in life.
GS ,founder and Managing director of RHYTHM YOGA,in the
Middle east ,in Dubai, Is The First ISO 9001-2008 Yoga center.
It is accredited to CYAI [.Your doorway to 'International Yoga Teacher' credentials
Approved by a Council of Worldwide Yoga Institutions.
And Is also endorsed by REPSUAE in the middleast for its Teacher training modules.


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