Sankrant Sanu


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Entrepreneur, meditator, author, teacher.

Born and brought up in India, I first learned yoga from my father as a child. Had a spiritual bent from early childhood but formally learnt a meditation practice in my early 20s.

Explored many different spiritual paths including the Gurdjieff Way and then learnt Raja-Yoga from a 90 year old yogi one-on-one for about 10 years.

In India there is a saying. Without a guru, you are worse than an orphan. Found my guru in Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living.

Formerly a Microsoft manager, I now teach the Art of Happiness program on how to live a life of joyous contentment and dynamic stillness. Feel free to contact me for a free 1-hour introductory session to step into a different quality of life.



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