Sanna Kokkonen

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Sanna, is a life-long Yoga student (& sharer/teacher) committed to the central idea that Yoga and ancient Eastern wisdom can help others achieve greater happiness and well-being in their lives.

Her journey started in Finland and her strong yearning towards India and a more spiritual, meaningful way of life, pulled her eventually to the East and her beloved island of Bali.

Sanna, held a daily practice under the ashtanga tradition for 14 years before she decided to start to teach and share the knowledge she had gained by studying directly with Pattabhi Jois, Manju Jois, Sharath Jois and most of the big names in the ashtanga world. She also studied Jivamukti, Vinyasa, Iyeyngar and Tripsichore & all the time kept her own ashtanga practice going on.

While studying at the Asian Classics Institute in Singapore, she found further inspiration through the teachings of her beloved Lamat Marut who authorised and encouraged her to teach 'Tibetian Heart Yoga' - an ancient and largely undiscovered method of internal Yoga based on the principles of Buddhism.
Sanna kept on meeting & studying with her Lama frequently. Lama Marut passed away Oct 2019.
Bhakti Yoga, the path of devotion, is very close to Sanna's heart and she's been travelling to India the past three years to study with Vijay Krsna.

Sanna's core passion lies in the Yoga Philosophy and she shares this ancient wisdom of life in Yoga Teacher Trainings.

After Sanna taught in Europe & Singapore she's was for a number of years an inhouse teacher and teacher trainer at Radiantly Alive in Ubud, Bali.
The offerings in her yoga 'menu' are : Yoga Philosophy, Ashtanga, Tibetan Heart Yoga, Vinyasa, YogaLates, Roll n Release, Pranayma, Meditation, Fly High Yoga, Gentle Flow . . .and generally learning to live up to our name tag 'Human-Kind.' We can learn to be both with a bit of practise :)


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

13 Reviews

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Amazing experience

I took different classes with Sanna, Mysore, Ashtanga Led class and a very gentle self massage class direct to focus on releasing tension from tissues.
In all of them the charismatic attitude was present, friendly, close to the yogis, talking from self experience.....I have to say that practicing with Sanna open my eyes to a different kind of way of teaching Ashtanga.

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What a great yogini!

More than other yoga teachers I've had, sanna understand s that everyone's body is different and she is great at giving individualized adjustments in both her mysore and led ashtanga classes. I also liked her pre yoga focus talks and felt they weren't just empty words. We started as mysore beginners and she was great, but she seemed to also be really good with the advanced students as well. She really knew when there wasavailable space in the body to open up, and when it was better to back off to avoid injury. With sanna you really see that yoga is a long process, but you can surprise yourself when you go step by step. I also recommend her tibetian heart yoga for a powerfully introspective afternoon. She really is the best!

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Sanna is amazing!

I enjoy Sanna's teaching methods and classes very much. Sanna is a cheerful, caring and positive teacher who brings humour and dedication into her classes. I attended several of her classes [Mysore, Ashtanga (Inspired & Led), Tibetan Heart Yoga], and I enjoyed every single one of them!
I am happy to know Sanna and I am grateful to have been able to attend many of her classes. THANKS SANNA! :)

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Oh I miss this class

After two months of yoga together in sunnas mysore class I was booked.Her classes were the best experiences so far in yoga after 2 years and many studios and teachers. She is very knowledgeable but keeps a strong spirit. From her class you can really see that she is speaking from experience, and has the gift of being good at, and enjoying teaching. Since leaving Ubud months ago, Sunnas classes still hold a lot of relevance to different types of yoga that I am learning. I was so glad to be in her class.

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A life changing encounter

I took my first Ashtanga class with Sanna back in Mar ’14 and walking out of the studio that morning, I knew my life had changed in some profound but inexplicable at the time way.
Now, a year on and having practiced and learnt with Sanna extensively, I can explain that change.


She is one of those larger than life human beings you are so very fortunate to encounter in life. Her humble heart and soul are source of infinite love, spirituality, wisdom, humour, understanding and patience and I have seen her interact, teach, encourage, support, lift up, in every possible way, each one of her students, from this very place of unconditional love, ultimate serving and deep devotion.
Sanna inspired me to live a life, filled with self-belief and dream-following and I thank her, from the deepest depths of my all-too-human heart!!

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Sanna. teacher, my guide, my mentor

Sanna has a beauty and a radiance which she can take pride in..
my journey with yoga began in 2008 when I first encountered Sanna.
She introduced me to myself in a way that I had not discovered before. A deeper understanding of every aspect of your being. The good and the.bad. .
how does one change the things that one needs to without knowledge. ..


Sanna possess the skills to take people to the higher consciousness and also to help understand the physical aspects of the asanas as well as the spiritual. ..connected to the sutras.
Sanna has a holistic approach which combines nurturing the body and mind...A philosophy less known to most. I have had a renaissance since my.encounter with yoga and Sanna began. ...
life in entirety changed for me as I started to evolve as a person...
let all the emotions practice and breathe. ...
"let the breathe guide you"...she often said. When I took charge of those words....
I understood how important it is to breathe into the practice.
My encounter with Geshe Michael came about through journey took great momentum when I started discovering the answers in the sutras. ...
Every encounter with her has been one filled with love and understanding of the person she is and what she brings out in me...
love and blessings to her
"Lokah samastha sukhino bhavantu"

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Amazing and inspiring teacher

The way Sanna teaches is very lively, inspiring, and feels very real. I participated in her Tibetan Heart Yoga classes as well as the Ashtanga classes while I was in Ubud. I can deeply recommend them both. Personally, during the forgiveness meditation in the Tibetan Heart Yoga, I got one of my most impressive “aha” moment. I am really glad I had the change to participate in Sanna's classes, and I hope I have the possibility again in the near future.



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A inspiring teacher

after trying differents types of yoga classes in Radiantly Alive, i can say that Sanna is, in my opinion the best teacher: very professional, funny, and always motivating the studens to do our best and challenge ourselves with the variantions in each yoga position. My dream is one day become a teacher so complete as Sanna.

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Great teacher and amazing person!

Sanna is the person of the SUN...She opened for me the world of Ashtanga, being very attentive and giving proper adjustments for each student on the morning Mysore classes. And on LED-classes her amazing energy charges everyone in the yoga room! She has a unique combination of willpower and light, of strength and softness, feminity and bright individuality. Thank you, Sanna, for inspiration to become a Yoga teacher, I will always remember you incredible classes in Ubud full of challenge, joy and love! Keep shining and inspiring beautiful people from all over the world!
Warm wishes from Russia.

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Sanna is a great Teacher, I speak of experience .
She is a very lovely kind soft Teacher, no projection and no Ego involved at all ,not so easy to find these days!
Her adjustments are awesome very safe, she becomes one with you and feels your breath that how it should be so no injuries will accrue .She guides you through in every way , I love her :)


I was in Ubud last year and had instantly this amazing connection with her and I am back the second time now., In the winter I travel a lot and experience different Teachers to gain more knowledge for my own practice and my Teaching.
I also would recommend to try her Tibet Heart Yoga, it is very powerful , I hope you go and experience her and her Yoga Sessions

Much love to everyone
Thank you so much Sanna, for your time and guidance and the laughs

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I love Sanna!

Sanna is an amazing teacher. She knows her stuff and I always feel safe in her classes. She also has tons of patience. Even though I forget my sequences in Mysore Ashtanga classes every time I come, she always demonstrates and explains to me the next pose very patiently and humorously. She knows how to get a room going and is well loved by many teachers and students at Radiantly Alive!

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Sanna is an amazing teacher with a great experience and a big heart. Her sense of humour is a great starting kick for any practice and her loving energy is evident every moment: when she explains, leads, adjusts. She takes care of each and every student in the room and she shares everything she learnt with a genuine peer-to-peer attitude!

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Uplifting, Inspiring, Encouraging

I have been going to Sanna's classes for over a year now and love it each time! I always spend a good portion laughing and smiling as Sanna manages to inject a humor and lightness that I find is missing in today's yoga classes. She teaches with the message to accept yourself fully and don't be afraid to see what you are capable of...if you feel like it. A refreshing break from the overly competitive and aggressive style of yoga that I seem to encounter more and more these days. Her experience is apparent in her teaching style and she takes on a loving and nurturing motherly style when appropriate. Although she never touts her deep yogic knowledge, she has studied to sutras and knows her stuff. Sanna, thank you for being my teacher!