Sanne Kerkhof


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Sanne Kerkhof is a certified Vijnana yoga teacher and expert in pregnancy yoga.
Sanne is the owner of Samana yoga Center.

“Bringing yoga practice into our lives we strengthen our health on many levels: physical, mental and spiritual.”

Many people start a yoga class when they feel stressed of have some physical problem. The yoga practice, combined with breathing exercises and meditation, typical for vijnana yoga, will reduce stress and help to find our connection with our selves and the world around us. Vijnana classes, existing of sitting, krya’s, vayu’s, pranayama and asana’s help you move in tune with your body and breathing.

Sanne give regular yoga classes and is Samana specialized pregnancy teacher.
“During my yoga-teacher training I was pregnant with my third child. I studied yoga and pregnancy as part of my education. This experience became my lesson; my insight and I kept on learning more about the physical and mental process of pregnant women. With all my expertise I hope to help pregnant women wit a pleasant pregnancy and easy child birth.

Also after giving birth yoga can be very valuable to restore. At Samana I give postnatal yoga and baby massage.”

Sanne Kerkhof completed the Vijnana yoga teacher training with Teresa Caldas and Orit sen Gupta and is an experience teacher. In the last years she is practicing with Florence Dedame and organizing Retreats/Indept study's with her.
Having Sanne, the Samana Yoga Center has the most knowledgeable teacher of pregnancy and yoga in Amsterdam. As a mother of three children, her teaching is supported by her extensive personal experience.

Sanne use to give anatomy and pregnancy yoga workshops as part of the Yoga Teacher training of Johan Noorloos, Marcel van de Vis and Anat Geiger. Now she's is part of the teacher team for the Vinyasa training from Flow Studio in Haarlem & the training of Kaya Yoga in Bali.


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