Sanne Theben Terville

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"Speak the language of love, live from the heart and embrace nature all together in one "

To find the inner strength in yourself by means of yoga, meditation and visualization. To connect body, soul and breath: together they form one entity, in harmony and balance. To observe in silent attentiveness, to experience and explore - Silent Intention. In this way I hope to create real awareness, so that one comes to understanding and ultimately change in the process of inner and general communication. Something we so desperately need right now in this society. There is only one universal language we all speak and understand - the language of love - And there is only one way to live - live from the heart.

For many years I have been practicing yoga and meditation with passion and I embrace it with my heart. It is part of my life and who I am as a person. The love that it gives me is the essence of life and what I want to convey. Since 2012 I share my vision, yoga and meditation, and I teach - Flow Yoga – among others in Amsterdam at Puur Studio and at Bindi in Amersfoort (Netherlands). Besides that I may share the knowledge and experience with people, I also learn a lot from my students. I owe them for where I am today.

From October 2013 I am traveling through South America to share my yoga and meditation. I am discovering the wonderful people and special energies that nature breathes there. Experiences that make my soul spiritually grow even more. On this website I keep you updated about how I walk the path of my life.

The wisdoms that I have so far been able to learn and have been able to pass on - I get those from sources of inspiration in life on earth and in other dimensions. What I pass on to people around me, I pass on from my heart - an inner source of strength, warmth and love - that's why I have called the yoga and meditation - Sana Flow Yoga & Meditation. In many languages ​​Sana means healthy and in this case it also refers to my name, Sanne.

If you want to get to know me or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to send me an email.

Do not just look good, but feel good too, do yoga!

With Love,

Sanne - Sana


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

24 Reviews

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Feel Good Yoga

Sanne is spontaneous, peaceful and shines naturally. The lessons are varied, nicely adjusted in a flow with a pleasant rhythm so that you can be fully focused on your breathing. With her gentle, clear words and confortable atmosphere, I could finally go deeper in myself and in my body without this being unpleasant. I learned to enjoy yoga and i now have the motivation and the confidence to practice a home. Sanne brings this extra that makes the whole difference to each of her classes. Although i practiced with other good and kind teachers, i didn't find Sanne's nice balance between body exercice and spiritual experience. Thank you for your energy Sanne :)

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what a bless

What a bless, beeing a masseuse on Sanne's yoga-week and be able to join the classes. The classes were built up very beautiful, working with all the elements. Supporting me in an inner proces. Never felt my body and the benefits of the yoga this councious.
Sanne is joyfull, playfull and professional as a teacher and I enjoyed her classes a lot.

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A great experience

It was a real pleasure to attend a yoga course which was hosted by Sanne. I am not a frequent yoga practicer but felt 100% comfortable during Sanne's yoga sessions. She takes great care of each student and makes sure that there are suitable progressions for everyone.

I liked the variety in her classes a lot. And the fact that we had some good laughs during the yoga as well. It was professional but with a very relaxed approach.

I would love to attend another of her yoga weeks!

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Yoga week

Sanne is a very competent yoga teacher with a very good sensibility of students needs.

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Best yoga teacher

Sanne has followed her heart and went to Portugal with the love of her live where she is going to try to open her own yoga studio. The people in Portugal should be very happy with such a good teacher as Sanne. She is a warm hearted person of which you can see that she loves to teach. Every lesson has a lot of variation and is always well prepared.
She is a person that is completely yoga, talks yoga, breathes yoga, radiates yoga and conveys this to the people she teaches.


Many other yoga teachers have learned yoga and give the lessons they have learned but with Sanne yoga is really inside of her. With Sanne it is real and it comes from her heart and this makes that I always feel very good after a lesson of her. Not only physical but also spiritual.
Thanks Sanne I miss you already! Fortunately you come back to give extra long yoga lessons which I look forward too and in the future I hope to come to Portugal too.

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lovely heartwarming yogaweek

During the yogaweek at La Companhia, july 2015, I experienced how Sanne guided us in a safe zone to ground in our bodies, ourselves and the nature all around. The focus this week was on the moon and our heart, something that made a lasting impression on me. Sanne used the surroundings (beautifull nature at this spot) and the moonfase to connect us with ourselves and the bigger picture as well.


I really enjoyed how she guided us this week, with her intuition as her guide as inspiring to me, and in a way that she really knew what te group wanted, could and suited at that moment. In her lessons she mixes the difgerent styles of yoga she has in store in a very fluent way, some yin, flow or hatha, perfect for the moment of the day. We had a lot of fun too and she knew how to challenge us in a good way as wel,and tot bring US depper in te poses or the relaxation. It was a great week that was a positive re-encounter with yoga for me.

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Confident, calming and connected

Great teacher. I loved the class!

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Tranquil and beautiful practice

Sana's classes are meditative and relaxing. They are reminders to be present in the moment. She is a mindful and consciousness teacher and meditation guide. I would recommend her classes to beginners and seasoned yogis.

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Great mindful yoga!

Sana is a great teacher, both beginners and people that have bin doing yoga for a long time can benifit from her classes. She explanes good, demonstrates, and makes sure that everyone gets the possisions. She is warm and caring for her students and its easy to see that she has a passion for both yoga and the people attending her classes.

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Powerful spirit to calm the busy mind.

Sana`s class has managed to calm my busy mind down. I am more open to embrace and protect myself nowadays. I am thankful with all my heart.

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Through the classes of Sanne I found out there's more about Yoga. I really like the way how she uses meditation and singing bowls in her classes, adding a special aspect. Just great! I really miss her classes! Thanks Sanne!

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I've honestly never felt as safe during a yoga class as I did during Sanne's classes. Because of back problems I had started avoiding classes, after trying quite a few different teachers all over town, and started practicing at home but I'm really happy I found her yoga classes, it renewed my faith in going to class !


Sanne is an extremely sweet and down to earth person. Her classes are very meditative; she guide you to really connect to your energy, your body, the flow of the movements and there's always a guided meditation. All the asanas are practiced very gently in her class so it's perfect for people with some kind of injury. A friend of mine said she'd finally understood why so many people are so crazy about yoga when she took Sanne's class. So if you are looking for gentle uplifting practice and spirituality, definitely go and meet this wonderful young lady :) !

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Every week you were my gift of an hour, focus, concentration and peacefullness. Together with a wonderfull voice filled with warmth, depth and love.
Continue with your lessons!

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warm and positive

I attended Sanne's weekly yoga-sessions last year. She prepares every session very well and she will easily adjust your individual experiences in yoga. Sanne is 'down to earth', warm, and gives positive energy. Last year I have noticed that there is a thread of breathing skills and back-exercises in her yoga-sessions. I liked it a lot!

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Skillful, xplains things clearly. Sanne's teaching couldn't have come at a better stage in my life .... I have back my balance and feel ready to face whatever is coming my way again, to even more enjoy the small things around me.

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Bijzonder en intens

Sanne geeft op een bijzondere manier les met heel veel oog voor de individuele cursist. Het is Yoga met een extra dimensie wat mij erg aanspreekt.

De workshop van gisteren vond ik helend in mijn geest en lijf!

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at ease

She really makes you feel at ease so that anybody can join the lessons on their own level

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Patient and calm

Sanne made yoga accesable for me. She is very patient and calm. She explains every thing very well. She has a good voice to listen to during the excersies and meditation. Sanne makes it possible to enjoy yoga for everyone.

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Sanne is a caring and patient teacher to beginners, but also yoga students in all levels. She is smart and sweet, and with her gentle voice, she explains things very carefully. I loved her chakra meditation. She takes time to connect with her students. She is a positive energy

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She has a powerfull and positive energie wich the class easily will take over. I strongly feel that she is there for the people in her class and she knows her her knowledge.

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Sanne leads you through the asanas with ease and a strong spiritual focus. She helps you to understand how working with your breath and attention can add to your wellbeing. The lessons end with meditation, where she gives all the space and guidance to relax totally. Manon

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Guided by Intuitition

Sanne was my yoga teacher at the Companhia yoga week from July 25 until August 1. I had the most amazing week. Sanne is very sensitive and knows intuitively the needs of the group. After a week of yoga twice a day in the beautiful surroundings in the north of Portugal I feel energized again and at the same time very grounded and peaceful. I'm more than ready for the next chapter in the adventure that is called life! Thank you Sanne, for your beautiful energy, compassion and guidance!

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Good for everyone...

If you're experienced or not.

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Calm and a good voice!

Her classes give courage, calmness and relieve!