Sapha Arias

Spring, TX
United States

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Passionate about the changes that can be attained through the practice and the immense potential to change our perspectives on a daily basis in order to open to love and manifest a different reality for us and those around us.

1) Please share one of your favorite quotes.
"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy." Rumi
2) Why did you start doing yoga?
Having spent a fair amount of my young adult life in an everlasting fight with body image issues and a form of eating disorder, my original quest for yoga was that of vanity. I desperately needed to find more ways to lose weight and misguidedly thought this could be it. Thankfully, as the weeks wore on and the practice started to truly take root with in, my views began to change. My obsession with food and body fat began to slowly disappear and one class at a time, one breath at a time, one gentle pose after the next, my world became bright and beautiful. I knew then, that this was my journey and I was ready to take it on, to nourish it and care for it from that moment on. (2013/04)
3) What kind of yoga do you like?
I love all yoga. But what I love most is truly exploring every limb of the yogic tree as we begin to grow, learn and create.
4) What qualities do you look to embody as a teacher?
An open heart, a disposition to heal, help and guide and a gentle humility and raw sense of self. (No fakers allowed)
5) What is one valuable insight you have gained from practicing yoga?
There are too many to count. But perhaps one of the biggest ones is the fact that we can always change our worlds by shifting our perspectives and remaining open to grace and love.
6) How do you avoid injury when doing yoga?
Focus on the breath is the single most invaluable asset in the practice. This is what allows you to move in a meditative way and pay attention to your body. Always knowing when to stop and when to challenge yourself a bit more. Breath is key.
7) How do you know what style of yoga is best for you?
In my experience, the yoga that allows you to shift your paradigm in a gentle manner is the best suited for all. However, I also believe a balance must be struck; and so, all yoga can be suited for each individual depending on what is happening in that person's life and body on a day to day basis.


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