Sara Anderson

Bradenton, FL
United States

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Sara Rose was drawn to yogic path as she sought deeper life purpose, self-love and inner connection amidst her life as a busy entrepreneur and mother of two small children. Her mission is to shine light and help others embrace the incredible strength that resides within each one of us.

Her fluid approach to vinyasa flow is encouraging, compassionate, and strong-yet-gentle; drawing from various styles and traditions including Power Vinyasa, Restorative, Kundalini and Meditation.

Sara believes firmly that our physical, mental and spiritual states of being are intricately linked; woven into the fabric that is unique to only you.

“In a culture that places appearances on a pedestal, it can be difficult to find a form connection with your body that also supports your mental and spiritual well-being.” says Sara. “My greatest passion is to help you connect to your physical form in ways that nourish and support your divine purpose here on Earth.”

A few of her inspirations include Shiva Rae (Prana Vinyasa), Sadie Nardini (Core Strength Vinyasa) and Bryan Kest (Power Yoga). Sara completed her 200-RYT Certification at St. Petersburg Yoga and looks forward to completing her 500-RYT Certification in the near future. She is also an Usui Reiki Master and enjoys volunteering her time offering yoga and reiki at various community events.


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