Sara Castaneda

Jamaica Plain, Cambridge, Boston, MA
United States

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began my practice and study of yoga about eight years ago, while living the stressful corporate life. Yoga found me as I was seeking ways to mitigate stress, and later my desire evolved into a longing of connecting with my core physically, mentally, and spiritually. Little did I know, I had already embarked upon a journey of complete transformation. As a result, I became a dedicated and enthusiastic student. As I have moved along my path, I have been blessed to have studied many senior teachers such as Scott Blossom, Nicole Clark, and Larissa Carlson. I completed yoga teacher training at Yoga Energy of Flow with Daniel Orlansky, Liz Owen, Jennifer Yarro (Thai massage) and Josh Summers (Yin). I have been teaching various styles of yoga throughout my journey, but try to maintain the integrity of the lineage of Hatha Yoga.

While completing my teacher training, I began a quest for holistic medicine as a result of a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. I discovered Ayurveda and I decided to take my practice further by studying Yoga’s sister science. The study of Ayurveda made the most sense to me as a way of living, especially when it came to the management of MS. I went on to Kripalu after completing teacher training in 2010 and completed a year program and became my own best doctor. I was fortunate to have studied along side some world renowned Ayurvedic physicians and acquired a new family at Kripalu. After graduating, I then made a pilgrimage to the motherland and completed advanced Ayurvedic studies with Dr. Partap Chauhan.

My journey of self-healing began three years ago and it has been transformational. I am grateful for having the opportunity to share the success of my story and feel the need to share and help others.


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