Sara Grenga

Tel Aviv
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I'm a yoga instructor and a professional dancer.

Following my LOVE FOR MOUVEMENT and the human body I explored different techniques such as yoga, Pilates on machine, Feldenkrais as well as different dance styles.

My yoga classes are the RESULT OF EVERYTHING I LEARNT over 12 years of experience. While still teaching a yoga class, I add some elements that I found interesting and enriching in other body-practices.

In my classes I try to give everyone PERSONAL TIPS so that, even in a group class, my students feel they are working individually to develop their own potential.

My classes are dynamic and created in order to make the body tired so that the mind can find quite during the practice.
Throughout the class, thanks to a deep workout (YES, IN YOGA YOU SWEAT!!!) where every movement is CONNECTED TO THE BREATH, your thoughts will slow down and you will end up in a more peaceful and quite state of mind than when you first walked in.

I believe yoga to be a great tool for our everyday busy lives: it brings FOCUS, patience, STRENGHT, flexibility and improves the CONNECTION TO OUR OWN BODY, MIND AND SOUL.

And, on top of all this, it also shapes a BEAUTIFUL BODY!!!

I'm passionate about teaching and love to share with generosity all my knowledge and taste for movement which I believe to be an ESSENTIAL INGREDIENT of a happy life!

So what is stopping you now?
Contact me! I'll be happy to meet you!


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

38 Reviews

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