Sara Partanen

London, Putney
United Kingdom

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Yoga is great physically, but also so much more than that.

It's a philosophy, a community and hopefully a means to living a more fulfilled life.

Yoga was present in my life on and off since I was first introduced to it at university in 2001, however it was only after this insight that I really started to enjoy and live yoga. This was also when I realised that yoga would be the way to help myself to live with and even cure the various stress related health problems I had accumulated over the years

Still constantly struggling to find enough hours in the day, I understand how hard it can feel to integrate meaningful yoga practice into our lives with so much competition for our time. But having discovered the rewards are truly worth the effort, I now want to help others to discover yoga and make it work for their needs and circumstances.

At the core of it, yoga is a personal practice. There is no such thing as a perfect student or a perfect practice. Based on age old tradition, the practice is ever evolving and changing and will benefit anyone with the right attitude and devotion.

I qualified teaching ashtanga vinyasa flow style yoga, but love mixing the classes up; sometimes with more playful and powerful elements, other times with gentler, restorative elements. Having had neck, shoulder and back issues, I am also very focused on alignment.


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