Sara Rossi

Atlanta, GA
United States
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I'm a 500hr. Yoga Therapist, Pre and Post Natal certified and a Health Coach graduate from Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. I'm a registered Hypnobirthing practitioner.
I create holistic lifestyle programs for the well being of women and their children. As a birth and maternity advocate, I shares tips and techniques to support and transform your journey to motherhood.
Through my coaching and yoga classes you will learn methods to help reduce stress, alleviate common discomforts, and indulge in nutrient rich recipes to nourish both you and your child.
Along with coaching, I offer a Hypnobirthing® preparation course and a postpartum wellness plan to guide you back to your pre-baby body and embrace your joyful new life! I am a certified Thai Massage body worker and a do_Terra consultant.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
My all-around inspiration

The knowledge, strength and encouragement that Sara provided to my husband and me in our Hypnobirthing class was invaluable. Because of her guidance—through the method and her own personal stories—we were able to realize our dream of having a peaceful, calm birth without the use of pain medications. We and our baby boy will be eternally thankful to her.


As a yoga instructor, Sara's easygoing manner makes the practice accessible and unpretentious. She strikes the perfect mix of asanas for both beginners or the more advanced. And her intimate knowledge of how the body works allows her to tailor the routine to an individual's trouble spots. She gently challenges me to go beyond my imagined limits and to do poses I didn't know I had the strength and flexibility to do. She's my maternal, yoga and overall health inspiration!