Sara Salehi

Toronto, ON

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I am a professional student at heart. My journey started at University of Toronto with a double major in neuroscience and psychology- I then discovered yoga and started practicing asana, and pondering yoga philosophy.
A 10 day course in vipassana meditation changed my understanding of the world and I set off on a journey of research and inquiry. I then completed my masters at the same university, studying the factors that enhanced recovery in patients that had sustained mild to moderate brain injury; Some of the factors that came out from extrapolating information from patients, doctors, files and interviews showed that movement and body awareness played a very important role in recovery; this means that through neuroplasticity of the brain, we can aid in a huge way in our body's healing journey.
Studying yoga and practicing asana has tremendously enhanced and helped my understanding and experience about the brain and body connection and the mysterious mind.
My passion is to learn about the human body, which is where the mind lives, all over the body, not just in the brain. The practice of deep breathing and breath awareness is an incredible meditative art and can be used as a tool to communicate with the body, sensation, and energy.
Over 100K has been invested in my "brain and mind" over the course of a decade. As me a question or teach me something, that would be the greatest gift.


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