Sara Sansone


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I never thought about becoming a Yoga teacher, I was interested in learning for myself.

Only to discover how much joy it brings me being able to share this wonderful technique

with everyone who is curious and open to dive deep within themselves.

I find in Yoga a technology for achieving a better quality of life. The instructions manual to operate a

very sophisticated spaceship, in which we come and go, in which we live… called the body.

Yoga is also a medium for me to find a gap in the daily stream of thought, not to escape, but to find

my center, where I can let my roots sink deep into the world, becoming more awake

and present with each breath.

It is ultimately a medium through which I tap into a state where I can sense and feel there is no

separation, nor time or space. I believe this to be the greatest gift from Yoga, to be able to

- despite this body - feel that “we are all one”, and that separation is really just an i l l u s i o n .

It is my job to create that space where others can feel this, too…​


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