Sara Shivani

Sydney NSW

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Creator of Body Bliss (online yoga programs), Founder of 'Venus Yoga' , Co-Founder of the Women's Yoga Institute & host of the Body Bliss Business Podcast.

Sara-'Shivani' is passionate about sharing female specific yoga practices that are practical, easy and sustainable so women can live everyday feeling at their best. The tools and techniques she uses allowed her to overcome severe asthma, allergies, chronic back pain, menstrual irregularity, PMS and general indifference to her femininity.

Shivani created Venus Yoga after she went through the emotional pain of divorce because she realised that there was no yogic lifestyle practice tailored to the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of women.

She has 2 decades of yoga experience and trained extensively in India, China, Bali and Japan (where she lived for a decade). Since pregnancy and the birth of her son she has expanded her expertise to include fertility, pre-natal and 'motherhood' yoga and recently co-founded the Women's Yoga Institute (WYI) to further practical research into women's wellness through yoga.


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