Sara Thorn

Fitzroy VIC

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My passion is to honor the sacred pathways of energy within the body am devoted to my spiritual path and have directly experienced the effect of a regular yoga,meditation & pranayam practice over 15 years which has healed my physical body as well as connecting me into the deeper realms of my love to travel,India is one of my favorite destinations,I have been there 9 times and have received various initiations into ancient Indian sacred knowledge at Isha Foundation as well as studying with a tantric Yoga love Hatha yoga but have been specializing in learning the more esoteric side of , yantra ,mudra working with kundalini energy and offering practices that can incorporate this knowledge through breath ,guided meditation as well as asana has become my have been initiated as part of the Siddah Yoga Lineage to give Shaktipat which is to awaken the kundalini energy,which I have started to do through sacred breath practices has been an ongoing area of study,practice and refinement for Im sharing this knowledge to assist particularly women to grow into the fullness of their divine feminine also work with body light activation's and have crafted a practice called Sa Ra Yoga which draws on kundalini,tantra yoga as well as feminine vitality exercises for bring the body,mind,soul into love to encourage beginners and also work with advanced practitioners.


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