Sara Zavik

Windsor VIC

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Sara, originally from Virginia, USA, competed as an artistic gymnast for 14 years until a knee injury forced her to retire. She initially practiced Yoga as an alternative therapy for her injury, a way to focus her physical energy, and keep up her strength & flexibility, but has found over her 10+ years of practice that the mental and spiritual benefits have benefited her self development.

Sara uniquely blends traditional Eastern practice with modern Western anatomical knowledge to creatively and intelligently combine dynamic and static movements to help find ease and accessibility for various levels. She sets the tone of working intimately with the breath so that even when a pose is held, the student can make subtle adjustments through detailed action alignment cueing. Sara is extremely dedicated to her practice and continuing education, and through her multiple Iyengar/Hatha based trainings in India and Melbourne, she has developed a precise eye to detail and alignment, which she uses to encourage practitioners to move in a way that is more mindful and aware.

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