Sarah Barakah


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Hey there! I'm Sarah.

I was first introduced to yoga through my martial arts studio in 2012. I tried a few different styles since then, but ultimately, it was Ashtanga yoga that became my favorite.

My yoga teacher back in the day used to ask me to cover the class for her from time to time, so I decided to do my yoga teacher training (YTT) to feel better qualified for the job.

And the rest is history! I've trained in the US, Jordan, Thailand, India, and multiple locations in Europe. I currently live in Germany, where I teach & share my yoga classes with my fellow members in the martial arts and CrossFit communities.

You can read all about the martial arts-yoga connection here:

Or stop by one of my classes sometime; I'd be happy to share a chat & practice with you. 🧘🏽‍♀️

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