Sarah Baumert

Minneapolis, MN
United States
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Sarah Baumert offers yoga and mindfulness-based movement classes for all abilities, ages, and interests. Her teaching is a blend of flowing yoga asanas informed by precise attention to alignment and supported by the calm wakefulness of Buddhist meditation practices.

She offers private lessons, small group (semi-private) lessons, group classes, corporate classes, retreats, restorative classes, and yoga for injuries. She also offers a unique service of yoga podcasts, audio classes that can be tailored to your needs for you to do in the comfort of your own home.

She is a 200 hour certified vinyasa yoga teacher from Om Yoga in NYC and has her 500 hour certification from Barbara Benagh. Further, she has done trainings in yin yoga, power yoga, Embodyoga, as well as other body-mind practices, such as Feldenkrais, Alexander, Skinner Release Technique, and Body-Mind Centering.

As a yoga teacher, she draws from years of experience working in-depth with the body and works to facilitate whole body alignment in her students, both physically and energetically. She specializes in vinyasa yoga, a breath-inspired practice that focuses on flowing in and out of poses with ease.

Her passion for yoga stems from a deep understanding and love of movement, meditation, dance, and the precise alignment of the body. From an early age, her training as a dancer introduced her to the mind-body connection and the power that comes with this awareness.

She has experience working with bodies suffering from chronic pain, injury, illness and other forms of disease. With hands on adjustments, she delivers clear results and a greater sense of ease and body awareness in her students.

Sarah has over 10 years of experience teaching in hospitals, wellness centers, universities, yoga studios, gyms, and corporate offices. Her goal in teaching is to bring increased body awareness into each one of her students, helping them to find more fluidity and ease in their everyday movements.

Sarah earned a BFA from the University of Minnesota’s dance department, has a minor in kinesiology, and has experience working in the field of holistic nutrition.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Truly the best!

Sarah is an amazing teacher. She has such a deep understanding about yoga philosophy, alignment, body awareness, and how to use yoga as an effective tool for healing. She is patient, kind, articulate, and compassionate. She always creates a safe environment whether teaching a full class or in a private setting. She truly is the best and I would highly recommend her to anyone.