Sarah Benson

Nanaimo, BC

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Hello friends. I live on Vancouver island because of my love of the forest and the ocean. I'm a water baby at heart although my roots originate in the Prairies. I'm a yogi, an explorer, a contemplator, an animal lover, a dancer, a hairstylist, and I hang out with a whole lot of nature people!

I'm new to teaching and it often makes me feel intimidated to call myself a Which is why I prefer to think of myself as a guide, helping fellow yogis explore within their own journey of practice on the mat. My intention is to provide a safe, non-judgmental, supportive environment so we can all express our true selves wholly in communion.

I teach and I also do hair because I love people and helping people find their 'feel good'. I enjoy being of service to the human race. I love to make connections with real people. I love to see people laugh, dance,play, sing, cry, mourn, in full expression of their true selves! I love to share those moments with people when you are shaking off the weight that holds you back from joy (figuratively and literally!). I love to see people be human; unapologetically human.


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