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I took my first yoga class in January 2001 and was hooked immediately. I began practising for a variety of reasons, including: to relieve the ever-increasing tension in my neck and shoulders that had formed into a permanent tight knot; to help with an on-going health condition; and to develop a greater spiritual awareness and deeper understanding of what life might be about. My practice since then has indeed helped enormously with all of these things and much more. I truly believe that deeply connecting the body, breathe and mind through yoga brings a sense of groundedness, and a physical, emotional and mental strength and stability that equips us to better face all of life’s challenges.

From being an avid yoga student I went on to complete a four year Aurolab Yoga teacher training course (500 hour IYN-recognised), whilst continuing to build my own daily ashtanga practice.

Unlike many other yoga teachers I do not have a background in dance or gymnastics and I am not a naturally supple person. The strength and flexibility that I now have all come from a dedicated yoga practice, and I strongly believe that anyone, whatever their physical background, can gain great benefit from a regular yoga practice.

As the yoga postures have not come easily to me and I have had to patiently work at them then I very well understand the challenges that people can face when first beginning a yoga practice. As a result of my own experiences, I am very well equipped to help people of all abilities to develop and improve their practice in a safe and careful manner.

I have practiced with and learned a great deal from many wonderful teachers over the years, and continue to study with inspiring teachers as well as regularly attending workshops and retreats to inform and improve my own self practice and my teaching. And my biggest inspiration these days is my students from whom I learn so much on a daily basis.

I truly believe that everyone can benefit from yoga, whatever their background, age or current physical condition, and my approach to teaching is one of warmth, encouragement and care and is always tailored to an individual’s needs.

Having lived and worked in London for many years (prior to teaching yoga I worked in book publishing for over 14 years), I am very aware of the stresses and challenges of big city living and working life, and I know how a regular yoga practice can help to combat these and enable people find more balance, space and calm in their lives.

I teach regular weekly classes, workshops and beginners' courses primarily at an amazing studio called Yoga Creation London in E14, very close to Canary Wharf, and am also available to teach privately, either at Yoga Creation or in people's homes or places of work. Private sessions are for students of all abilities and are tailored to meet your unique and individual needs.

My yoga practice brings me great joy and many benefits. I feel truly blessed to be able to practice and even more fortunate to have the opportunity to share my passion for yoga with others through my teaching.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

26 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Inspirational teacher

I recently completed a beginners Hatha yoga course with Sarah. She guided us through the key yoga moves, building gradually as the week went on. She also included meditation and relaxation. I really looked forward to my weekly sessions and enjoyed them so much I'vesigned up for her next course. I would highly recommend Sarah as your yoga teacher.

Sarah BurgessFebruary 17, 2020
So glad you enjoyed the course

Hi Cembre, I am so glad you enjoyed the 5 week Hatha Course and it's really great that you are continuing to deepen your knowledge and understanding of yoga by attending the Beginners' Ashtanga course with me. I hope you'll enjoy it, be inspired by it and soon be as enamoured with yoga as I am :)

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Sarah got me into yoga!

I was very sceptical previously but was conscious that my body needs some stretching and fitness. I have signed up to the beginners’ class and really enjoyed it. I found it quite surprising that every week I was looking forward to the next week’s session. Will definitely continue attending classes with Sarah.

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Exceptional yoga teacher!

I recently participated in Sarah’s Beginners Course in both Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga. Sarah is a very knowledgeable and supportive instructor who explained and demonstrated the poses very clearly. As well as this, her patient and welcoming approach meant I was always comfortable asking questions to gain further clarification. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from Sarah and have found her to be an exceptional yoga teacher! She takes the time to help you develop which is key for someone who is just starting their yoga journey. As a result of her beginner courses, I've grown in both confidence and physical abilities. Since completing both courses, I have now been attending regular weekly classes with Sarah.

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Patient and helpful teacher

I thoroughly enjoyed Sarah's class as she explained and demonstrated the poses very well, and didn't push if I couldn't quite do some of them. Having been to another studio and not enjoying it at all because of the teacher not really teaching anything - just barking orders and criticising when people couldn't quite manage the poses - the beginners' course I took with Sarah was the opposite. I wasn't going to continue with yoga because of the previous place but Sarah's class made me feel like I can progress, and I don't have to do all of the poses if I don't want to.

I would recommend these classes to anyone, especially beginners.

Sarah BurgessMay 19, 2019

Hi Lynsey, thanks very much for your kind review and positive feedback.
I'm so glad that you enjoyed the beginners' ashtanga yoga course that you took with me, and I am very happy that it has inspired you to continue with your yoga journey! See you again soon on the mat!

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Sunday sunshine in my heart with Sarah

I indulged into my yoga experience about half a year ago.
By now, I started majority of my Sundays in a spacious quite studio with Sarah.
Out of several different places I attended, I found Sarah’s class the most balanced, as it allows to progress gradually and enjoy the journey at the same time.
I attend 1.5-hour sessions, an optimal timing for me, given that I feel through and deep dive into every pose and yet leave the class not too tired.


Sarah designs her practice as a sequence of elements, which build up into something bigger. Interestingly, I would realise it only later, when finding myself in a pose I would have never imagine doing before. Now I can do crow and shoulder pressing poses, and head stand is my next ambition!
Every single class by Sarah would have a challenge and present a new world to discover, with Sarah’s smile, support and encouragement. Perfect therapy for a week to come. Thank you Sarah!

Sarah BurgessAugust 27, 2018

Hi Daria, thanks so much for your lovely review and kind words. It is always a pleasure to have you in class, and I am delighted to see the progress that you have been making over the last 6 months! Keep up the good work!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
a must for new mummies

I have been attending Sarah's postnatal class at yoga creation since my baby is 9 weeks old and it has been a great experience. It really helped me recover from childbirth physically but also mentally. Sarah is a really good teacher who adapts the class to people's needs. she is also great with babies and it became my little girl's favorite class!

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Thoroughly recommended yoga class for pregnancy

I have been attending Sarah’s Pregnancy Yoga classes since my second trimester and I have enjoyed every class that I have been to. Sarah has a calming and relaxing voice, she is very knowledgeable and takes time to tailor her classes to the groups needs.

Although the movements and exercises are gentle I feel the benefit of them every week as I have become less agile and closer to my due date. Sarah also takes time to teach yoga moves and breathing techniques to assist with labour.

Not only has the class been wonderful for yoga but it has also been a great place to meet other ladies both at the same point in their journey and at other stages of their pregnancy.

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Excellent Pregnancy Yoga class with Sarah

I have been going to Sarah's pregnancy yoga class weekly throughout my second and third trimester and would highly recommend it!

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Great experience with Sarah

Sarah is my first teacher and even though yoga wasn't 'my thing' and I went first time only because my partner asked me to come with her once and give it a try to support my recovery after the operation. I mumbled on the way there but was immediately hooked up!
It's been 8 months now and I'm still looking forward to Wednesdays & Thursdays mainly because I enjoy Sarah's classes so much. I've also attended few workshops including one meditation class with her. Amazing!

Sarah is very calming, friendly, warm and supportive person. She's a great teacher, clearly knowing what she's doing and making her classes really enjoyable. I highly recommend Sarah to everyone!

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Caring teacher

I took a beginner's Ashtanga course with Sarah and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sarah is very knowledgeable, caring, gentle and offers plenty of variations for each pose. Her gentle adjustments helped me go deeper into a pose without hurting myself. Sarah made me feel welcomed and I was able to relax and concentrate on the practice. I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah to everyone - to those who want to do yoga just for fitness or, like me, who want to have an embodied practice.

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Great, very dedicated and calm

Every class with Sarah is a great journey into yoga experience. I feel in goods hands in her class.

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Great yoga

Sarah is very dedicated, kind and knowledgeable. I enjoy her yoga classes

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Inspired me to do yoga frequently!

Sarah's ashtanga classes are relaxed and challenging at the same time. She let's you progress in your own pace and helps you in every small step. Sarah is definitely one of the reasons for my love for yoga, she encourages me. I feel energised after every class, the atmosphere on her classes really helps to chill your nerves.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
I love participating in Sarah's classes!

Sarah creates a very calm and relaxing atmosphere. Her classes are well rounded and give a full yoga experience every time. She explains the postures clearly, with important details that help to do the poses easier and better.
I can feel that she cares about us during and outside classes. I always leave the class feeling happy and elevated.

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Pregnancy Yoga

I really have been enjoying Sarah's pregnancy yoga classes as she shows us poses to prepare for labour and also poses that we can use during labour. You also don't need to have any yoga experience for being able to join or being able to follow the class.

In general the classes make me feel more relaxed and confident about giving birth.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I learned and started to practise Ashtanga yoga with Sarah and have never looked back. Yoga has made a huge difference to my health and the way I feel about myself. Thanks to Sarah's supportive and inspiring teaching, I look forward to every class. She is a warm, encouraging and approachable teacher whose calm and friendly manner creates the perfect atmosphere in which to practise.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Relaxing and Fun

I started practicing yoga only a year ago but I can already see progress and that's why I get excited about every single class. My class with Sarah is on Wednesday evenings and she creates such a warm and relaxing atmosphere which really relieves the stress of the busy workweek.


Sarah manages a perfect balance between practically demonstrating and explaining, as well as slightly adjusting my postures where needed which helps me understand which parts of the body to focus on and engage. Since I started as a complete beginner, this is extremely helpful and I think it helped me become comfortable with yoga faster.

Sarah is good at motivating the class to experiment and try more than we thought we could do, but at the same encourages us to know our boundaries and not push ourselves if something doesn't feel right at that moment.

Her classes are a lot of fun, and they always help me to clear my head and calm down.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
I look forward to Sarah's class

I have to say that Sarah is probably the best yoga instructor I've ever had and I've had a few. She has a calm manner, she is attentive and gives clear instructions. I always look forward to her class.

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Calming, perfect for prenatal yoga

I am a yoga novice and have been attending Sarah's Pregnancy Yoga classes since the beginning of my second trimester. I have only good things to say about the class: it is very calming and relaxing, providing a great start to Sunday and the rest of the week. Although the movements and exercises are gentle and appropriate for pregnant ladies, I feel that the yoga has had very strong beneficial effects. I had some backaches early on in my second trimester, but after regularly attending these classes, have had no further symptoms or complaints. I would strongly recommend Sarah's pregnancy yoga for a gentle but effective method of keeping mind and body in shape during pregnancy.

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I begin my yoga journey around two years ago. As a very anxious person I thought I'd give yoga a go but was also very nervous as a beginner.

Sarah is my first yoga teacher. She has a very approachable and friendly personality which immediately made me feel relaxed and welcomed. During the first few lessons I learnt a lot of essential techniques such as breathing, relaxation and focus as well as exercising various parts of my body.


Sarah always explains and demonstrates poses before and during practice. Although it's not a 1-2-1 class Sarah is able to understand the needs and physical constrain of each individual.

It has now been my weekly routine to attend Sarah's yoga lesson and I have developed my confidence in trying other type of yoga. Strongly recommend Sarah's yoga classes!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Calm, Clear and Encouraging Yoga

Having had nearly 2 years of yoga tuition from Sarah, I can highly recommend Sarah’s classes and courses. They are very calm, with clear direction and encouraging even for yoga beginners like me! The classes are totally inclusive and Sarah’s approach really put you at ease especially if you are new to yoga. Having never really been a sporty person, I am totally hooked on yoga thanks to Sarah’s classes.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Fantastic teacher

I started yoga in the New Year 2015 with Sarah and I have been hooked ever since. A very patient and calm teacher who can easily adjust a posture to adapt to any levels or injuries you may have.
Sarah brings a great energy to the class and I would highly recommend attending one of her classes or courses.