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Sarah started teaching Yoga in 2010 and Reiki in 2016. Her intention was to share some of the healing arts practices that she has participated in for her personal transformation and healing.

Sarah offers the tools of Yoga and Reiki to assist people who choose to improve in a positive way, their spirit, mind, emotions, body, attitude, and life. These tools are offered in private Yoga classes, Reiki Levels 1 and 2 Certification Class Programs, Reiki Energy Healing treatments with Holistic Life Coaching, and Yoga Teacher Training Programs Levels 1, 2 & 3.

Sarah is the only teacher and practitioner at this studio. Why? She wants her Yoga and wellness studio to be much more than a business opportunity. Because she chooses to have a healing and wellness studio practice, that continues to nurture, heal, transform her negative past vibrations and shadow sides, grow, stay awake, and cultivate improved levels of her own spirit, mind, emotions, body, and her personal life.

Also, she chooses to make Yoga and Reiki much more than a career experience. Understanding energy and the spirit, mind, body, and how they work, she offers people the same transformation opportunities, through the tools of Yoga and Reiki.

A person cannot give what they do not have. Yoga is MUCH more than physical exercise and Reiki is much more than a replenishing energy experience.

Every step a person takes with the intention of improving and growing counts. Just like every drop of water counts in filling a bucket. Every day and every step, Sarah continues to improve herself and the quality of service she shares at her Yoga & Wellness Studio with people who want much more than finding a career and exercise.

Sarah and her studio intention is to assist others in finding, at whatever level they choose, positive improvements in spirit, mind, body, health, well-being, and life's purpose career.

Welcome! The many paths that unfold for transformation are infinite.

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