Sarah Chenoweth

Pittsburg, KS
United States

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Sarah began her yoga journey solo with a book and a mat in a park in Pittsburg, Kansas sometime around 2003. Although the practice was informal and infrequent, the seed had been planted. In 2011 Sarah moved to Tucson, Arizona, where she met her most inspiring teacher, and through her found a thriving yoga community and a passion for the teachings and practice of Hatha yoga.

It was around this time that Sarah began to see yoga not just as a great way to stay fit and relieve stress, but also as a great healer of imbalances not only in the self, but in the world around her. Being so inspired, she decided to become a teacher, and completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training at The Yoga Connection in Tucson, Arizona on June 1, 2014.

Sarah now lives in Pittsburg, KS with her husband, dog, and two cats. Her main interests lie in meditation, mantra, beginning to intermediate asana, and restorative & yin yoga.


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