Sarah Clark

Cochrane, AB

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Sarah Clark was originally introduced to Yoga while working on the sets of the Show, Survivor in the year of 2000. She had a very physical job and due to some childhood horse related injuries, her back needed some love in order to be physically fit for the tasks of her job. Her friend introduced her to a morning flow series that she was able to memorize and continue for years. Greg Long was her chiropractor back in 2003 and confirmed that yes, Sarah NEEDS Yoga in order to be without aches and pain. So, she did just that. Sarah and her mom, Martha Birkett started The Amaryllis Centre Inc in April of 2009. She became certified to teach classes in the Fall of 2010, a direction she didn’t think she would go. Sarah started the studio with the intention of sharing yoga and other modalities that everyones awareness in health and wellness and but teaching the asanas was not something she thought she would ever do. So yes, Sarah started the yoga studio without being a certified yoga instructor and how the tables have turned in such a short amount of time! Sarah is now able to share her love and passion for yoga in all of its many forms through teaching. For what started as something very physical for her, yoga has taught her the power of living balanced and mindfully also off the mat! Sarah loves to analyze physical alignment, but she also loves to get lost in a brisk flow sequence of movement and self-expression.


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