Sarah Coxon


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Although originally from the UK, I currently live on a beautiful tropical island called Siargao in the Philippines.

I teach multiple styles of yoga, yet each style has the same aim - to bring you back to you. My whole teaching philosophy is about becoming more conscious and mindful. Classes are open to everybody and every body, and are designed to encourage you to transcend your current reality by powerfully transforming body, mind and heart.

Styles of

Light Vinyasa - Yoga flow in which we link breath with movement to heat up the body but also spend time exploring key postures.

Yin Yoga - Yin yoga is more meditative in nature and targets the inter-connective tissues in the body. During the practice we visit a small number of postures, each for a few minutes, giving ourselves time to surrender and find more space in body and mind.

Yinyasa - My own unique blend of yin yoga and light vinyasa flow. We start off with yin postures and then work up to a light flow. The perfect balance of yin and yang in one session.


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