Sarah Evans

Johannesburg 06
South Africa

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I first stepped onto a yoga mat ‘by accident’ in 2002, shortly after a stressful return to Johannesburg from Sydney, Australia. Most of the shapes I was encouraged to make on the mat felt as natural as breathing to me. Many of the postures echoed those I had been comfortable in, and comforted by, in my childhood. Some, of course, were challenging and stirred up emotions and prompted exploration and questioning. At the end of class, I lay on my back for my first official savasana. We were lead through a guided meditation and were encouraged to listen out for a message from our higher selves. ‘Hocus Pocus’ I thought… ‘Follow YOUR path’ said the voice loudly and clearly. Little did I know at the time that the practice of yoga was that path, and that I was about to be embark on a life changing journey.

As with all journeys there were ups and downs and twists and turns (literally and figuratively.) I found my home at Haum of Yoga in 2002. Every class I attended brought (and still does) a new awareness of self and the benefits of my yoga practice slowly began to surpass the obvious physical effects, overflowing into my daily life and actions. The movements brought stillness to my frenetic mind and the stillness brought movement to my flow of energy.

I completed my 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training with ISHTA in 2013 in order to deepen my understanding of both asana practice and the philosophy of yoga. I know that I have only just scratched the surface, and am constantly learning. Even so, the joys of sharing these tools have been boundless. I believe that regardless of gender, age, health and athletic ability we can all walk a little taller, feel a little lighter and be more connected to self, others and this planet of ours as we travel through this journey called life together.



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