Sarah Harry

Melbourne VIC

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Sarah Harry is an experienced individual and group psychotherapist, registered yoga teacher, university lecturer and body image advocate.

She also runs Fat Yoga, a roving yoga initiative in Melbourne for those who identify as fat and who would like a safe and supportive place to learn and practice yoga

Sarah is passionate about helping people find a healthy and happy relationship with their bodies though yoga. She believes that we can all become more comfortable in our own skins and come to show ourselves and our bodies greater self-compassion.

Sarah a director of Body Positive Australia and runs workshops, retreats, training and has a clinical practice specialising in Body Image and Eating Disorders. She teaches a gentle and body positive style of yoga for all bodies in public classes and hospital units.

Sarah is also a community partner of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition and is featured regularly in the media and has written for Australian Yoga Journal.


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