Sarah Jabloune

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Sarah Jabloune is a smiling and enthusiastic person with the gift of helping people finding their balance through yoga teaching and mind coaching. Sarah is an Alliance-certified yoga teacher from the Yoga Life foundation. She teaches Hatha, Vinyasa and Nidra yoga on a regular basis in her home country, Belgium. Next to her yoga teaching, as a psychotherapist, Sarah offers coaching sessions and helps people find balance in their minds. She will help you find personalized tools to create space in your mind and work with your body, trough mind coaching and yoga.
She's the founder of Saja Yoga Studio in Leuven.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

13 Reviews

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Warm hearted & authentic teacher

Sarah knows how to sequence her classes in a creative way while giving attention to meditation, pranayama as well as asanas. With her adjustments she helps students go deeper in their practice and explore new possibilities with their body. Sarah also organizes beautiful retreats where you can truly relax and find out what is holding you back in life.

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Wonderful yoga weekend at Cadzand

I enjoyed a wonderful yoga weekend at Cadzand with Sarah Jabloune. I love how she teaches different styles of yoga: starting the day with meditation, sun salutations and hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga when the body is more awake, and closing the day with yin yoga and yoga nidra. Sarah is a great teacher who demonstrates a lot and gives more information once you're in a pose. She balances the asana practice with spiritual guidance and meditation.


In her class you feel safe, relaxed to work at your own level but also challenged to go a little deeper. I feel rejuvenated and like a whole new person after only three days.
The location is very nice as well: basic but clean, a bike ride away from the sea, and a really nice yoga studio.
This was my second yoga retreat with Sarah. Ibiza and Cadzand were absolutely wonderful. It makes me curious about the one in the Ardennes

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Fantastic teacher

Sarah is one of the most friendly and helpful people I have ever met. She's passionate about everything she does, especially when it comes to yoga. She has been a great source of inspiration for me to become a yoga teacher.
She's a very skilled teacher with an extensive knowledge that will guide you through her classes with great enthousiasm. Her retreats are always super-organized at great locations and bij offering different styles of yoga she has found the key to balance yin and yang. Because of this there is something for everyone.
So if you are looking to have a nice time with great people and an amazing teacher, do not hesitate and go to one of her classes or sign up for her next retreat.

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An inspiration

I became more balanced, peaceful & experienced more strength in my body and mind then ever before. Sarah is not only a wonderful teacher but also became a friend, life coach and a true inspiration. Her 'down to earth’ -attitude, patience, good heart, assistance & motivational words during yoga postures makes every class a beautiful experience.

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Friendly and enthousiastic teacher!

I just went on a Yoga Retreat and it was fabulous! I enjoyed every minute. Sarah is a great teacher!

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I have practiced yoga with Sarah many times and I just love her classes!

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I love to follow Sarah Jabloune on a Yoga practice

Following Sarah in the Yoga practice makes me physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. I am very grateful to be able to follow her. Sarah is always very friendly and fills the room with positivity and energy. The practices are always dynamic, with new elements added regularly and very fulfilling. Besides, her words at the beginning and at the end of the practice makes you think and reflect about the small things we have around and should be grateful for. An amazing teacher and an amazing person.

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Yoga for CrossFit

Sarah knows you to speak to the CrossFit athletes, gives them a more body focused workout and does a great job in coaching them.
As the owner of CrossFit Leuven I couldn't be happier with the way she teaches her classes and connects with the people.

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Amazing teacher and lady

She convinced me that yoga is for everyone. Thanks Sarah!

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A very passionate Yoga Teacher!

I love Sarah's yogaclasses, she teaches from her heart. She wants to help people trough Yoga. Every class feels like a treat for myself. I love the way she let us put intention in our practice. She also has a very effective way of learning to breath. Her classes are really fun and "in flow" and I feel great afterwards. Love it! Thank you Sarah!!!

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Sarah is a very good yoga teacher.
She has a good yoga mastery and she is very friendly. Her lessons are very interesting and pleasants.
I recommande Her

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Highly recommended yoga teacher

Sarah is a great yoga teacher. I really like her sessions. She is fluent in Dutch, French and English.
Highly recommended :-)

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Quality yoga teacher

Sarah is an enthousiastic and quality yoga teacher who brings calmness and peace during her classes! I would recommend her to anyone who is passionate about yoga or would like to start trying...