Sarah Oates

Dallas, TX
United States

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I am a girl who has always lead an active lifestyle, happily participating in various sports and outdoor activities but dreading the premeditated trips to the gym I regularly resigned myself to after college. I first tried yoga when my best friend convinced me to sign up for a summers-worth of Ashtanga classes. I enjoyed the series, but for some reason the practice never stuck until years later, when I took up P90X for several months. Despite being the longest (an hour and 45 minutes to be exact), the yoga video was by far my favorite. But I inevitably grew tired of Tony Horton's one-liners, came across a Groupon, and decided to invest in yoga classes again. After only the first few weeks, I was hooked on Baptiste. The more I practiced the more I wanted to practice. Working out went from being an exhausting chore to an exhilarating way of life.

While strengthening my body and quieting my mind, I found I was noticeably more health-conscious. Small bad habits naturally fell away, as I gradually began transitioning to a vegetarian diet. As a life-long introvert, I was pleasantly surprised to discover my newfound ability to connect and share more readily with others. I also noticed these changes in my life affecting those around me… most notably my dad, who was struggling with serious health issues, including a rare, life-threatening kidney condition.

Needless to say, I was floored when he confided in me that, by demonstrating an arm balance I’d been working on, I had actually helped set him on a path to reclaiming his health and taking control of his life again. He subsequently went on to quit a job that was causing him undue stress, pursue some of his own personal business ventures, and hire a personal trainer, with whom he scheduled regular workouts.

Knowing that I could help inspire change and have a significantly positive effect on one of the most important people in my life – and potentially others – by sharing my experience and passion for yoga means everything to me.

I acquired my 200 Hour Teaching Certification in November of 2012. I am currently working towards Baptiste Certification and completed Level One with Baron Baptiste in 2015.


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