Sarah Ojembarrena

Cape Town Western Cape
South Africa

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Sarah has practiced Integral and Hatha Yoga for the last seven years by the hand of Swami Purohit, a great spiritual master and expert in all branches of Yoga and meditation for more than 35 years. In 2012, she completed the “Advanced Yoga and Meditation course” as his student for eighteen months and graduated at the beginning of 2014. She is also certified as a Basic Yoga Instructor (Hatha Yoga) by FEDA (Spanish Federation of Aerobics and Fitness) with Angelica Solana, 2013.
After moving to Cape Town in 2014 she continued practicing and learning by focusing deeply in Vinyasa Yoga and extended her studios within this science with Jim Harrington. 200 hr YTT as well as an advance teaching methodology, sequencing and adjustments as part of the next module in March 2015, 100hr. She also learned more deeply the foundations in Thai Massage applied to Yoga with Amy De Klerk and Surina Schutte. Currently she offers Thai Massage sessions around Cape Town.

Research and experience with the body begun for her while practicing contemporary dance for several years in Spain and Chile and completing courses and activities in body and space exploration. As well as the artistic learning through her other fields of creation and professional growth. (Photography, Art direction and Scenics arts).

“By diving the stages in body, mind and soul through spaces and movement one can connect with the nature state within us and so operate synergistically with all the systems that give us a state of connection or disconnection with reality”.

The heart as a core of all.

Currently based in Cape Town where she offers regular classes and workshops. International retreats coming soon.


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