Sarah Solarik

Columbus, OH
United States

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I'm a self taught yogi of 5-6 years and I'm also working towards my 200 YT cert currently with and Source Movement Yoga both based out of California. Have been teaching regardless since last December because teaching was too much of a passion I couldn't quite ignore! Since then I've become a certified Yoga Gangster Volunteer, a volunteer organization bringing yoga to troubled youth and those in poverty and I am also a Master Level Reiki practitioner; healing through the power of touch. To me, there's nothing more empowering than a Yoga practice, whether I'm teaching a class or practicing on my own, I can always find strength, power and freedom in the way I see people move or feel myself moving. I continuously educate myself on all things Yoga and am motivated to learn more and more so I can be an effective teacher for my students. I keep myself humbled by repeating this mantra everyday I step onto my mat "Advanced Yoga isn't about advanced postures, it's about Advanced Awareness".
Love All ways,
Sarah ✌️❤️✨


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