Sarah Warde

United Kingdom

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Originally from Beirut, I am passionate about all things related to body work. As a child, I loved all forms of dancing and martial arts, learning ballet and taekwondo. Later, while studying at drama school, I thrived in physical theatre modules and contemporary dance classes.
A shift happened when I discovered practices such as yoga, 5rhythms dancing, body-mind centering and feldenkrais, which led to more freedom of movement, self-reflection and personal analysis. The gesture was no longer performative, but rather experienced, felt and embodied.
I first encountered yoga in Lebanon in 2002. In 2007, I moved to London, where I practiced Iyengar yoga on a regular basis with Jacqui Brookes and Angelika Grohmann.
In 2010, I moved to Paris where I enrolled in a four-year classical yoga teacher training at the Ecole Française de Yoga, with senior instructors from the TKV Desikachar, Nil Hahoutoff and Karlfried Durckheim lineages. This training also included considerable hours of anatomy. I now put a great emphasis on alignment in my classes, in order to prevent injuries and to allow students to explore and take conscious responsibility for their own possibilities and limitations.
During my training, I also practiced regular Mysore-style Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Kia Naddermier. I had the opportunity to go on several intensive silent meditation retreats in the Vipassana and the Zen tradition.
Towards the end of my training, I was lucky enough to attend an intensive workshop with internationally acclaimed author and movement therapist Donna Farhi in London. I now continue to study with her on a yearly basis.
I started teaching regularly in 2013, offering classes and workshops in various yoga studios in Paris. I taught students of all levels, ages and physical conditions (including pregnant women and people with special needs or injuries).
In late 2014, I returned to Lebanon where I founded Hamsa Yoga Space, one of Beirut’s most dedicated and prominent studios, hosting senior teachers from Lebanon and abroad. I also collaborated with the IMOVE Foundation and facilitated mindfulness trainings for children in camps.
After getting pregnant in 2016, I attended an active birthing workshop with renowned childbirth educator Janet Balaskas in London. I also developed my knowledge of hypnobirthing with the Katharine Graves method. These techniques were very helpful during labour and birth, and empowered me as a new mother.
Feeling the need to support other women on this path, I trained in 2017 with Maddie McMahon to become a childbirth doula. Back in Beirut, I started helping expectant mothers, allowing them to have the birth that they wished for.
I now live in the UK with my husband and daughter. I am always looking to increase my knowledge and I continue to study with senior teachers whenever I can. I recently completed a course on the comprehensive history of yoga with James Mallinson and Mark Singleton.


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