Sarah Williams

United Kingdom
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Sarah’s teaching focuses on inquiry based movement that is practical and accessible. Bringing together traditional teachings in a modern context her classes provide a platform for students to get to know themselves rather than perform. Sarah teaches Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Sarah is inspired by teaching beginners and supporting the next generation of yoga teachers. She teaches regular classes, workshops, teacher trainings, advanced teacher trainings and mentoring workshops in Brighton, Hove and London. In addition to her teaching schedule she works as a visiting teacher throughout the UK. She has taught high profile corporate groups including Opera Houses and creative business agencies.

Sarah has been featured in numerous publications including The Guardian as well as being a feature writer for Om Yoga and Lifestyle Magazine. Sarah regularly assists her primary teacher, Jason Crandell during his advanced teacher trainings and teacher renewal programmes and she is a proud ambassador for the charity Yoga Gives Back.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

14 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Simply The Best

Yoga and meditation have been very important to me for a number of years but I had not been able to find classes which completely enabled me to feel as if I could gain spiritually as well as physically from practice within this context. I have to be careful in my practice due to being hypermobile and the strength and mindfulness which are promoted and supported, hand in hand, and unique to Sarah's classes, have been a precious gift to me.


I have felt that my joints are protected due to the steady pace of the flow which is directed so skillfully by Sarah, as well as precise instruction with regards to alignment. The body work is strong but I never feel strained in class and I always feel that I have achieved valuable work with regards to strength as well as flexibility. Sarah is wonderful at reminding her yogis to make the practice their own, when the key moments might be when 'auto pilot' might creep in, and when there might be an opportunity to notice something new. Sarah's classes have made me confident in my own body's power and potential, which has also had so many positive knock-on effects in my life in general. I am so thankful for this practice and the benefits of this expertise available to me. I could not recommend Sarah's classes more highly; you will find that yoga will be a sustainable, enjoyable, and an enlightening experience, for LIFE! Mary-Lou, Brighton

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A great teacher!!

Sunday yoga with Sarah is my favourite hour of the week.

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The best teacher in Brighton & Hove

I love Sarah's classes. I always feel as though a lot of preparation has gone in beforehand and the class feels purposeful and connected. Sarah has a very down to earth approach which makes yoga feel real and enjoyable, I leave feeling light and positive every time. I highly recommend that you go and give her class a try.

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Simply Gorgeous

I am SO stoked to have found Sarah! Her classes are just such a perfect mix of the internal vs. external - she has given me so much confidence and independence in my practice - 'feel how you feel'.... Super grateful for Sarah, I always feel joyous, clear and energised following practise with her.... Simply Gorgeous.

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A great mix of physical and spiritual

Thoughtful and thorough classes. Really wonderful alignment cues that wake up the inner as well as the outer body. Sarah's classes are not just another flow class, she somehow weaves in what I need to hear to make this a nourishing experience on all levels.

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Fantastic yoga teacher

Sarah's yoga classes are really good. She provides clear explanations which novices like myself can understand, she picks a good playlist to provide a nice background ambience, she offers helpful hands-on adjustments, she exuberates warmth and positivity, she continually brings the focus back to what for me is most fundamental: the here and now, and the breathe, and she clearly has a passion for yoga and knows her stuff.

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Sunshine teacher and classes!

Wonderful, inspiring teacher. Great classes that leave you feeling smily and energised

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Wonderful Yoga Teacher

I attended Sarah's Muscle, Bone, Heart and Soul Workshop and really enjoyed it. She really is a great teacher and whilst challenging, she makes it enjoyable and interesting. She's also really supportive.

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Amazing Teacher, Superb Masterclasses!

I'm a HUGE fan of Sarah's Masterclasses. I attend lots of yoga classes and masterclasses, and Sarah's really are excellent! Every one she runs is very different from the next, and I always learn more on how to safely and successfully further my practice. Sarah's warmth and experience as a teacher makes the class perfect for more advanced and for those less experienced. Highly recommended!

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Fab teacher

I love Sarah's classes at the float spa, i often do them with my eyes closed as she really makes it easy to get into it. I also really like the music she plays. I brought a friend to a class and she loved it too.

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simplicity and strength

Sarah is a discovery to me, nourishing my yoga practice with a simple yet physically demanding approach. After her class I feel opening up a little bit more and getting stronger to just be who I am I at the moment. Her well-thought-out directions lead to a mindful investigation of the body and mind.

Sarah WilliamsOctober 13, 2016

Thank you so much Giedre. It is such a pleasure to have you in class! x

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Safe, knowledgeable and friendly hands

I had practised yoga for many years before an enforced lay-off and was ready to tentatively get back into a regular practice. Sarah was very welcoming and her motivational skills and knowledge were evident from the first class.

Sarah WilliamsOctober 13, 2016

Thanks Maurice! So glad you are back in the yoga practice! Lovely to have your energy in class. x

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Excellent teacher!

I have been taking classes with Sarah for several months at the Float Spa in Hove. Her classes are very thoughtful, alignment focused with a strong flow and she has the ability to build heat and cultivate community energy. Technically a very solid teacher.

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Sarah is amazing, she made me fall in love with yoga once again, I always leave her class feeling great, both spiritually and physically.

Sarah WilliamsOctober 13, 2016

Thanks for your review Eva. So great to have you in practice. Hope to see you soon x