Saskia Griffiths

Palma de Mallorca Islas Baleares

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Yoga intrigued Saskia from a young age when her father would twist and turn upside down, practice NLP, mind control and a number of healing therapies; he taught her to centre her thoughts and meditate as a youngster.
Saskia spent her 20’s as a property finder, helping people find homes in the Pyrenees where she grew up and across the French and Swiss Alps. High stress levels were part of the job.
Motorbiking across Africa, living in Thailand, exploring India, California and many distant cultures, living out a backpack for extended periods coupled with the deepening of yoga studies have given Saskia a profound sense of belonging and a wish to share her stories and findings.
Saskia is committed to the exploration of self and yoga practices and is dedicating her 30’s to helping people find homes within themselves and helping reduce stress levels in today’s challenging and testing society.
Saskia has been teaching yoga in Mallorca on and off for the last 5 years and teaches yoga retreats internationally. She is fluent in 4 languages and enjoys the great outdoors, freedom of thought, movement and shares a contagious love for life.
Saskia is a Yoga Alliance qualified Hatha Yoga teacher, British Wheel of Yoga Pregnancy Yoga teacher, has taken the Anusara Immersions, practiced Ashtanga / Vinyasa and studied with many ‘shapeshifters’ of the modern yoga movement. She loves funky tunes, challenging sequences and traditional rooted aspects. Expect a fusion of traditional and modern aspects of yoga with a spice of life’s lessons. She is married to the flow of life and through postures, linking breath, movement and mindful expansion, endeavours to facilitate presence and connection to self, finding freedom within.

As we walk this path, share and help each other along the way, to learn, grow and evolve, may we live a life free of suffering and full of that which ignites us.


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